May 1, 2021
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Hundreds if not thousands of Mutual Aid initiatives have sprung up across Iberia during the Capitalist collapse of the pandemic. For us this illustrates the perversity of the ‘Dog Eat Dog’ system and shows how anarchism here is alive and well just under the surface.

We share links to find out much more, and focus on a couple of radical cases in Catalunya.

info: shared from media and participants.translations by TheFreeOnline

Xarxes de suport mutu, la solidaritat veïnal davant el coronavirus -  Coòpolis

Updateable Map of Mutual Aid projects in central Barcelona , by the CUP ‘anarcho-republicans ‘

Solidarity is our Greatest Weapon..LA SOLIDARITAT ES LA NOSTRA MILLOR ARMA

Covid-19 MutualAid – Local organising to support the most vulnerable
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Xarxa de Suport Mutu

Like many other #mutualaid communities throughout the world, we focus on providing resources and connecting people to their nearest local groups, to willing volunteers and to those in need.

El Raval, an old…

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