September 11, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

Published in french on the 10th of September on noussommestousdesmalfaiteurs.

On June 1,2,3, we were several hundred people remodelling as we wished the judicial landscape of Bar-le-Duc, with angry and flashy colours, in solidarity with the sept « Evildoers of Bure ».

During 3 days, defendants, supporters and lawyers led the dance with a frenzied rhythm! Its breath spread well beyond the struggle against Cigéo. This trial was that of a criminal association, that of the unabashed repression that affects all our struggles.

Whatever the verdict, the judges and prosecutors will have been judged and the wind has changed in the East. The Wind of Bure has been collectively colored by joy, courage, creativity and desire, it has crossed and carried the Rayonnantes and comes knocking at the doors of the public inquiry that is announced from September 15 to October 24.

On September 21 in Bar-le-Duc, nothing will happen … nothing but the continuation of a judicial comedy that has lasted too long and whose sinister actors will write a new act in their sad empty theater.

On September 21 in Nancy, on the other hand, we will be at the meeting point, starting at 9 am in front of the Appeals Court to write the continuation of another story, our collective story, that of the opponents to the Cigéo project, determined to go forward, without turning away.

On September 21 everywhere else, it will be up to us, to you, to invent support in all its forms and the manifestation of a wider imagination, that of creative and unpredictable struggles, intertwined and united in the face of repression! (Banners, actions, gatherings in support of the « criminals » from here but also from everywhere else…)

And after September 21, the mobilization against Cigéo continues, more determined than ever, with the resistance to the public inquiry ( and on October 3 in Metz for a Wind that will blow from Bure to Cattenom!

The program for September 21 :
– In Nancy, on 21/09 at 10:00 am in front of the Appeals Court, Place de la Carrière: stands, brunch and animations to accompany the announcement of the results!
– Send us your written, drawn, sung or recited contributions of your actions in support of the « International of Evildoers from here and elsewhere » to