September 24, 2021
From Bure Bure Bure

With a little delay, here is the relay of an article published on the blog of Eichhörnchen the squirrel, on the day of August 21, 2021 between Horville and Gondrecourt-le-Chùteau.

Demo against Cigéo and future CASTOR trains

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In Luméville near Bure, where the ANDRA wants to install a nuclear bin in the clay basement, is held these days a camp against nuclear power and its world, Les Rayonnantes, with numerous workshops and spaces of exchanges on and for different political struggles.

There were several demonstrations during the camp this weekend in the vicinity of Bure. Among other things, there were demos against the future railway line designed to transport nuclear waste trains called CASTOR (name of containers), at the rate of two atomic trains per week for 100 years, if Cigéo is done.

Several groups met in Gondrecourt-le-Chùteau at the warehouse. Some of them came by the road, others by the abandoned railway. Many houses are only at a few meters from the old railway track as we can see on the photo, if Cigéo is done, the inhabitants will be irradiated by the trains CASTOR twice a week for at least 100 years.

The warehouse is a former furniture factory, the site was bought in 2013 by ANDRA after its closure. Officially it is used for storage of machinery. This place is strategic for the realization of CigĂ©o, because it is located on the route planned for the transportation of nuclear waste. The site is now a multimodal platform “The warehouse is located at the end of the old SNCF railway that needs to be renovated and put back into operation, not for better ecological mobility of the inhabitants of the region, but for the CASTOR nuclear trains. Between Gondrecourt-le-ChĂąteau and Bure a railway line for the CigĂ©o project is to be built which will belong to the ANDRA.

The gathering place is symbolic and strategic for the fight against the nuclear trash and the whole project Cigéo even if there is not much to see right now except the overgrown rails, hangars with the ANDRA logo on them and a police station in construction. Following the actions of this Saturday, some buildings have received some comments with spray paint on their walls. The village of Gondrecourt-le Chùteau seems already prepared for the nuclearization of the territory, which rhymes with the police state: video surveillance, police station in construction, etc.

The demos of this weekend were peaceful, still some of the groups were attacked by the police with tear gas
 When the fully equipped robocop come with their wap weapons, it seems only logical to use these weapons, right ? And no nuclear power without a police state, we already know that.

On the road, the atmosphere was festive and the lunch was a delight.

Other demos ou demonstrations and actions will follow! This fall (September 15 – October 23) there will be a fake consultation, a fake public inquiry in connection with the declaration of public utility for CigĂ©o.