January 13, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

2020 vision: instead of a review of the year

Cautiously pessimistic

Since starting this project in late 2010, I’ve tried to do an annual review of every full year I’ve been writing for. Since 2020 was the 10-year anniversary of starting it, I definitely thought it would be worth writing up some kind of reflection on what it means to keep one project going for a full decade, and how the online spaces that I’ve operated in have changed over that time – the final demise of indymedia, the rise and fall of left facebook, and so on. But it’s ten days into 2021 now, including some pretty eventful days, and I still haven’t managed to motivate myself to start writing it in any meaningful way, so I’ve come to accept that I won’t get it written any time soon. As for 2020 specifically, I’m finding it hard to think of much to say beyond “there was a pandemic, there were…

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