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May 22, 2022

Platform Workers in Ukraine Demand Decent Wages

Platform delivery workers in Ukraine, many of them displaced from their homes, are demanding decent wages as they continue to work in the midst of war.On May 12, delivery drivers in Lviv went to Bolt Food’s headquarters to deliver their suggestions and seek an open dialogue with the company. Participants dressed to conceal their identities because…


         The war in Ukraine shattered the illusion that we live in a peaceful world held by most of the population encompassed in the snug and "peaceful" enclave we call Europe. Suddenly there was blood flowing in Europe, shock, horror, how could this be? What most in Europe fail to grasp is that war is ever present in the present economic system…

Organise! 96 is out – taster article here – Ukraine, anarchist approaches

This article is from the Anarchist Federation’s Organise! magazine issue 96, Spring/Summer 2022, written 26th April. Also: Read last issue online in full. Support and get Organise! via Patreon. Ukraine, anarchist approaches For a month or so on the Organise! website we have been rounding up statements and articles being produced by anarchists on the…

Poland: Inicjatywa Pracownicza (OZZ IP) addresses workers from Ukraine

OZZ IP, a member organisation of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles, is particularly active in solidarity with the Ukrainian popular resistance to the war waged by the Russian army. Comrades from IP were present in the delegation of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles that visited Ukraine between late…

New writings by Xinachtli

Two new writings by Chicano Political Prisoner Xinachtli are posted at []

Proud Boy Banner Taken Down and Burned

Stop attacks against Muslims and Minorities in India

Join us in solidarity with the minorities in India who have been under relentless attack from foot soldiers of hate. We have witnessed genocide calls, to destruction of shops and houses owned by Muslims, to calls for economic boycott- all blessed with the strategic silence from the ruling Indian government.Join us on 22nd May, 1.00 PM at Aotea Square…

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