This Saturday, the 29th, we, militants organized in CAB, will be on the streets across the country with popular movements and other political organizations for the end of the Bolsonaro government and its genocidal policy, which was even more evident during the pandemic. In every region of Brazil where we have militancy, we will clench fists for vaccines for everyone, dignified emergency aid, against racist state terrorism in the peripheries, cuts in education, administrative reform and privatizations!

It is time to express on the streets our revolt against the policies of spreading the virus, hunger, unemployment, and the precariousness of life in general. The fight against the government of Bolsonaro, military, Paulo Guedes and co. it is also a fight against fiscal adjustment, with cuts in public spending and privatizations, which only aim to deepen the power of the ruling classes. That is why we fight for the destruction of that government, with the certainty that it is necessary to destroy the State, Capitalism and all forms of oppression!

From organized anarchism, we know that the transformation goes beyond massive mass acts, that is why it is essential the daily militant struggle, from below, for the construction of Popular Power, in the way of overcoming this system that massacred our people!

29M: Lutar e organizar por todo o Brasil!