March 12, 2021
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Yet another disaster caused by rampant European racism, capitalism, slavery, continuing pillage of resources, the interest trap of unpayable debt and a history of physical and mental colonialism

While the EU deploys its Frontex anti migrant army and forces the last rescue ships off the seas, while European countries build walls and fences, and fail even to accept even their miserable agreed quotas of refugees. While Greece and Spain confine them on small islands. And States like Spain pay off local elites to close borders on desperate would be migrants.

But worst may be Turkey, which has extorted over 5 BILLION euros from the EU to close its borders to refugees (mostly fleeing from the western financed eternal wars in Syria and elsewhere). The Turkish regime benefits 3 times over from the refugees, by also letting them be abused as near slave labour, thus forcing wage decline for all workers, and by using them as a recruiting ground for the Islamic extremist mercenaries it uses in Syria, Rojava, Libya, Armenia …

39 African migrants die as boat sinks off Tunisian coast ...

At least 39 more immigrants die when two boats sink off Tunis

At least 39 migrants were killed when two vessels sank off Tunis on Tuesday while trying to cross the Mediterranean to the Italian island of Lampedusa, the Tunisian Defense Ministry said.

The coast guard rescued another 165 people, and searches for more survivors still continue off the coast of Sfax, ministry spokesman Mohamed Zekri said. All the dead migrants were from sub-Saharan Africa, he added.

The coast near the Tunisian port city of Sfax has become an important starting point for people fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa and the Middle East and seeking a better life in Europe.

At least 39 migrants died when two boats sank off the Tunisian coast on Tuesday

The coastline off Tunisia has become a major departure point for migrants fleeing Africa and the Middle East. (AFP pic) ..shared with thanks

In 2019, some 90 African immigrants drowned when their boat sank off the coast of Tunisia after leaving for Europe from neighboring Libya, in one of the worst disasters of its kind that Tunisian authorities have ever faced.

The number of Tunisian immigrants landing on Italian shores increased fivefold to 13,000 in 2020, said a human rights group, which attributed the increase to economic difficulties in Tunisia.

Al menos 39 inmigrantes mueren al hundirse dos embarcaciones frente a Túnez

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Al menos 39 migrantes murieron cuando dos embarcaciones se hundieron frente a Túnez el martes cuando intentaban cruzar el Mediterráneo hacia la isla italiana de Lampedusa, dijo el Ministerio de Defensa tunecino.

La guardia costera rescató a otras 165 personas, y las búsquedas de más sobrevivientes aún continúan en la costa de Sfax, dijo el portavoz del ministerio, Mohamed Zekri. Todos los migrantes muertos eran del África subsahariana, agregó.

La costa cerca de la ciudad portuaria tunecina de Sfax se ha convertido en un importante punto de partida para las personas que huyen de los conflictos y la pobreza en África y Oriente Medio y buscan una vida mejor en Europa.

39 migrants die as boats sink off Tunisia's coast

photo of an earlier disaster

En 2019, unos 90 inmigrantes africanos se ahogaron cuando su embarcación se hundió frente a la costa de Túnez después de partir hacia Europa desde la vecina Libia, en uno de los peores desastres de este tipo a los que han tenido que enfrentarse las autoridades tunecinas.

El número de inmigrantes tunecinos que aterrizan en costas italianas se quintuplicó a 13.000 en 2020, dijo un grupo de derechos humanos, que atribuyó el aumento a las dificultades económicas en Túnez.

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