The meeting of the ILNSS, which has had to be postponed several times due to the current health situation, will finally take place in Dijon (France) from the 23 to the 26 September 2021.

The thrust of our Network’s activities is to support union struggles throughout the world : statements and messages of support, economic support, sharing information in companies based in different countries, and so on. We have also decided that on our international meetings, but also during the periods between them, we shall also work on five main subjects : workers’ control and self-management ; migrants’ rights ; women’s rights and feminism ; anti-colonialism ; repression against unions and social movements. As with all union actions, this only make sense if we take into account our professional and sectoral situations, building a link between the workers’ daily experiences and exploitation at their workplaces.

Work plan for 2021, including the meeting at Dijon in September

Taking into account that travelling opportunities during this year’s first semester will remain uncertain, and considering the possibility of organising it during the second, the Network’s coordinating team proposes the following work-plan :

Virutal thematic meetings

 Women’s rights and feminism : 13 March.

 Self-management and workers’ control : 10 April.

 Repression : 8th May.

 Anti-colonialism : 22 May.

 Migrants’ rights, migrations : 12 June.

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Work by professional sector

We propose that groups meet virtually during the first semester, on the dates they themselves determine, with the aim of working on preparatory texts for the meeting in September. Texts should be submitted before 1 July 2021.

The professional sectors proposed are the following :

Retail and services – Education – Industry – Health – Underground – Railways – Air transport – Telemarketing and telecommunications – Post – Pensioners – Public Administration – Precarious workers – Students

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Virtual plenary meeting

A virtual plenary meeting of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles will be organised on 24 April on the topic “We, the workers, and our struggles during the coronavirus pandemic”. It will be celebrated using Zoom.

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4th International Meeting

It is expected to take place between the 23 and the 26 September in Dijon (France).

(register arrangements will be sent on 5 July 2021)