November 22, 2020
From IndyMedia San Francisco (USA)

We managed to get rid of the worst president in memory, Nazi Trump, in this year’s election, but the nuclear holocaust threat remains. Instructive to all in public speaking and war & peace as a basic issue is Pres. John Kennedy’s speech on 6/10/63 at American University, now on Youtube, at

For the younger generation who have never heard a president speak eloquently, and all the Kennedys were outstanding public speakers, please watch the above video. It is certainly the pro-peace content that drives the speech, but Pres. Kennedy clearly had an education, not just his attorney education, and those who followed as president represent the decline of American education, to the point where in this election 73.7 million people voted in favor of barely literate, garbled gibberish, anti-intellectual, racist, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-science, pro-war moron Nazi Trump remaining in office.

The impact of the assassination of President Kennedy was profound and immediate on everyone over age 10, as we all can still remember where we were and at exactly what time we learned that President Kennedy was assassinated. It was a watershed event, then correctly viewed as a coup by the CIA as all thinking people realized that the CIA killed JFK, and the pro-peace speech in the above video demonstrates why the CIA, an arm of the pro-war State Department and the capitalist class it represents, opposed JFK. For more of the highlights of information that everyone reading this website should know, see:

Sixteen Mind-Blowing Facts About Who Really Killed John F. Kennedy by Carl Gibson, age 26, 11/22/20 at

The nuclear crisis is now more widespread than ever as there are now 9 nations with nuclear weapons. They are the USA (6,185, down from 26,662 in 1970), Russia (6,500, down from 37,000 in 1990), UK (215, down from 350 in 1980), France (300, down from 505 in 1990), China (290, down from 430 in 1990), Israel (80, started with 8 in 1970), India (140, started with 60 in 2010), Pakistan (150, started with 70 in 2010) and North Korea (30). The use of one nuclear weapon will start a nuclear holocaust ending all life on earth.