February 6, 2021
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For more than 66 days, 27 feminist collectives have remained strong in their take over of the Congress of Quintana Roo in #Mexico!

The State continues to intimidate them by cutting off the water and electricity but they continue…Legalize abortion now!


We all support the #TomaCongresoQRoo 66 days after the inauguration we make this call to sisterhood and we lovingly ask you to support us with donations, we are in the process of preparing the mural outside of #LaCongresa and therefore, we request your financial collaboration
TomaCongresoQroo #QuintanaRooFeminicide


January 15, 2021

The peaceful seizure of the Quintana Roo State Congress by feminists continues, however, since they were not taken into account by the deputies and were affected with a water and electricity cut, they decided to attend the National Palace to request the intervention of the president of Mexico.

According to the Quintanarroense Feminist Network, they made the visit on January 13, 2021 and delivered a document addressed to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, where his intervention is asked to mediate and stop the repression they have suffered.

“We have fought for several years without being listened to, which is why we decided to carry out the peaceful takeover of Congress, which has led us to be victims of repression and various intentions to weaken the struggle,” reads the letter delivered.

Likewise, they maintain their legitimate interest as human rights defenders to provide decent conditions for women and girls in the state of Quintana Roo.

Feminist collectives refuse all connection to any candidates and political parties

Se deslinda colectivos feministas de candidatos y partidos políticos

Faced with the next electoral process that is looming for the state of Quintana Roo, the Quintana Roo Feminist Network (RFQ) through its social networks issued a statement where they do not support candidates or parties, much less people who aspire to an election position.

35-year-old Jeydi Sarauza Gil was killed in Chetumal. We raise our voices for our sister who… Posted by Marea Verde Quintana Roo on  Monday, December 7, 2020


35-year-old Jeydi Sarauza Gil was killed in Chetumal. We raise our voices from her for our sister who was taken away!

We are fed up! At the same time that the Quintana Roo Feminist Network has taken over Congress to demand that the Legislative Power stop violently and ignore us, in the streets they continue to kill us and the message that the State sends to society is that we can be violated in all possible ways and that none of the 3 powers does anything to protect, guarantee and respect our life and rights.

The Feminist Network of Quintana Roo also placed an Anti-Monumentation for women victims of violence

Mexico.- On the night of Friday, November 27, feminist women took the Congress of Quintana Roo to demand the decriminalization of abortion up to 12 weeks of gestation.

Frente Feminista Radical Puebla @ffrpuebla·

In Puebla, activists have also taken over the legislature with the same demand for the Right to Decide.
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Among the requests of feminists, are:

 Decriminalization of abortion
 Address the gender alert
 Resolution of femicides
Marea Verde Quintana Roo@mareaverdeqroo@IreneKhan in the takeover of @CongresoQRoo their right to express themselves as women defenders of Human Rights, girls and boys protesters, is violated through repression tactics

………The Green Tide of Quintana Roo

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