November 28, 2021
From Unoffensive Animal

On the 4th June, 2019, @undergroundbadgersyndicate reported that after cutting the fencing off a deer farm in Germany they had managed to release up to 100 deer into the wild.

In the same report they mentioned multiple hunting towers and huts being destroyed as well as trail cameras stolen from hunters.

The anti hunting action comes in multitude of flavours and over the years has proven to be quite a good link between animal liberation folks, eco struggle people and the non activist folks who still want the wild to be left alone.

The struggle against hunting unites folks from many different ways of life whilst pushing a big majority of them to take direct action, regardless of them being seasoned activists or just locals against the injustice of hunting.

From Hunt Saboteur groups to teams fighting the badger cull in the UK, folks who stop the duck shoots in Australia, anti bear hunt activists in the USA or the infamous female-led Akashinga group in Zimbabwe, direct action against hunting is a prevalent force to allow the wild to remain wild.

You can read the report that was released with the video below:


Whilst out and about in Germany, we received a tip-off that made our stomachs turn. Within a national park, the licensed hunter that murders wildlife in the name of conservation has a side gig. He is breeding fallow deer in an enclosure and shooting them from a tower inside. He is also leaving the dead corpses and bones scattered around the enclosure, the sick fuck.

We didn’t waste any time and got to work quickly. After cutting a sufficient hole in the perimeter fence we herded them out. Not an easy task when deer seemed to have been conditioned to stay in, making them struggle to see they could now run to freedom. In the end, in between 70 and 100 deer were freed into the wild.

After running around in the field to show them the way, we headed to the nearest shooting towers and either made them fall or made them unsafe.

On our expedition, we found trail cams connected to a SIM card and disconnected them from the network before taking them with us. They will prove useful during the badger cull. It was quite a good surprise to see footage of the dickhead in his own home, trying the camera out before setting it up in the woods. He truly is a piece of shit, the footage shows multiple stuffed dead animals in his living room including deer heads, a bear and a stoat.

A second team visited the area the day after with an angle grinder and a chain saw to make sure the remaining towers were completely destroyed.

Let this be a reminder that no one is safe -wherever the fuck they are – if they are fucking with wildlife.

Fuck hunters wherever the fuck they are.



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