July 18, 2021
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Over the past month, new daily cases of Covid 19 in Israel spiked by 3000 percent. On Tuesday 13th July 2021 they reached 754 reported cases fortunately with only 53 ‘serious’. Israel is the world’s most vaccinated state, over 60%, and the remaining 40% may be children or babies who hardly ever succumb. So what happens there may be a sign of things to come.

Now an Israeli reporter, Gilad Atzmon , has gone viral with a report, including official Government tables, which admit that 85% 0f this new wave are already vaccinated. Israel has 8.7 million people. Vaccination was almost exclusively Pfizer, as befits a ‘US protectorate.

We don’t know yet how many the soaring wave will include. The government claims that most cases are ‘not serious’ but we don’t know how many may succumb to the emerging long term adverse effects of the vaccine. ( and Covid 19…

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