September 11, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

         As most Westerners remember 9/11, a dreadful tragedy in which almost 3,000 people died, a disaster which was a retaliation for Western imperialism from those who resent it most. It was an incident that marred so many innocent lives and those are the people our hearts must go out to in sympathy. However 3,000 deaths are dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, that have died at the hands of the Western imperialist foreign policies. From the Philippines, 1899-1902, Vietnam, 1969-1973, Iraq, 2003-2011, Afghanistan, 2001-2021, are just some of the Western imperialists foreign policies that have turned so many against the West.




        However, when we pay our respects to those who died in the American 9/11 we should also remember that other 9/11, the Chilean 9/11. September 11th. 1973, the U$A supported the overthrow of the elected Chilean government of Salvador Allende in a military coup by General Pinochet. This brutal dictator’s rule ushered in an era of savage state repression and brutality against any opposition, and didn’t end until 1990, by which time more that 3,000 Chileans were dead or missing, while thousands more had fled into exile. All this under the helping hand of the U$A imperialists.

Listless eyes, lifeless face
motionless body with hanging limbs
carried by a mother fleeing
foreign policy’s vicious whims.

No toys, no laughter
no playing in the sun,
a short pitiful life;
an Afghan child, 2001.

No plans, no choices
no hope by any name,
collateral damage
in the big players game.

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