August 16, 2021
From SlackBastard

After an eight-month long investigation, yesterday Nick McKenzie published, by way of 60 Minutes and Fairfax, an exposé of the National Socialist Network (NSN). See :

Episode 26 : Nazis Next Door
The clandestine operation to infiltrate and expose a toxic and rotting world of hate. Reporter Nick McKenzie’s eight-month long special investigation will outrage Australia!
Inside Racism HQ: How home-grown neo-Nazis are plotting a white revolution
Guns, terrorists and a rural idyll: What you need to know about our neo-Nazi infiltration

Today, it would appear that at least three of the neo-Nazis belonging to the NSN and featured in the stories — Daniel Todisco, Ari Fink and Vinnie O’Neill — have experienced some technical difficulties at their workplaces as a result of the reportage.

Finally, while individual members of the groupuscule have expressed opinions, the NSN has not formally responded to the story. Their capacity to do so has presumably been reduced by the fact that the group’s leader, Tom Sewell, is currently in Port Phillip prison awaiting trial, while his sidekick and NSN temp führer, Jacob Hersant, was arrested recently and his bail conditions prevent him from being naughty in public.

The second part of the investigation airs on 60 Minutes next Sunday, so I’ll refrain from making any further comment ’til then.