March 12, 2021
From Kedistan

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June 5 2021. Enter this date on your agenda right away.

“Toutes aux frontières” (All of Us to the Borders), a call to a feminist action against European borders. The action to take place next June 5th.

The objective: assembling thousands of feminists in Nice!

Why ?

“Since 2015, the European Union has not stopped tightening its political borders as well as its external frontiers, thus increasing the criminalization of migration. The Schengen Space is constantly reinforcing a repressive arsenal against persons forced into exile. This situation only favors the development of mafia economies in which all forms of violence combine against the exiled. These policicies of criminalization of mobility weigh particularly heavily on the women who represent 54% of the migrants in Europe, notably against lesbians and trans individuals. During the migratory trajectory any person not conforming to the patriarchal order is targeted for violence. It is more than time to deploy our strengths to make visible what is kept hidden.”

If you also tell yourself,

We, feminists living in Europe, from every social condition and of every age, no matter our origins, our choices, our worlds… we raise our voices in order to say: No! You do not represent us…

If you also tell yourself,

“In order to break with a militarist and patriarchal history in favor of the freedom of circulation on the planet, for a Europe without borders, for a dignified reception and the acknowledgement of all reasons for seeking asylum specific to women, lesbians and any person not in conformity with the patriarchal order, in order to create spaces of resistance and solidarity in the struggles.”


When? June 5 2021 Where? Nice – Why? For a Europe without walls!

“Toutes aux frontières” (All of Us to the Borders)
What is it? Who are they? Qu’est-ce ? Qui sont-elles ?

“In Geneva, from September 27th to 29th 2019, the Women’s World March (Switzerland) took the initiative in organizing a European feminist meeting “Women, migrations, shelters”. Following this meeting, no less than 263 activists gathered to form a European feminist resistance network. Since then, the network has widened and our determination to act against European policies criminalizing migration has strengthened. The PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France) All of Us to the Borders ! group was born in 2020. A number of activists and European feminist collectives have since joined with it in the perspective of organizing a large scale event in Nice on June 5 2021 to affirm and make visible the expression of feminists on current European migration policies.”

The final program will soon be available on the website

There you will also find all the communication materials required for spreading the call on your networks. But also, possibilities for support, practical information, resource texts in several languages and more are being added. You can contribute as an individual or as an organization. Do not hesitate in sharing your know-how… Translators, artists, creators, your support is precious

There is no such thing as a small gesture of solidarity. Each sharing is a form of support… If you are on social networks, here are the useful links: Facebook @toutesauxfrontieres, Instagram @toutesauxfrontieres, Twitter @TAFrontieres, hashtag #ToutesAuxFrontieres

Already supporting:

ACORT (Paris), ADN (Nice), ANAFÉ France, Association Agate, armoise et salamandre (Fourcalquier), ATTAC France, Bibliothèque anarchaféministe de Toulouse, La CIMADE, Collectif Diables Bleus (Nice), Collectif Droits des femmes, Collectif Nous Toutes 06, Comité de défense de Pinar Selek, Coordination Suisse romande pour la grève féministe, Ensemble ! (PACA), FASTI France, Forum Civique Européen France, Collectif GRAF (Nice), Habitat et citoyenneté (PACA), Kféministe (Ardèche), Ligue des Droits de l’Homme (06), Mappamondo (San Remo, Italie), Marche Mondiale des Femmes Suisse, Marseille Féministe, Migreurop (réseau euro-africain), MRAP (06), Non una de Meno Italia, NPA 06, Planning Familial (05, 06), Parti de Gauche (06), PC (06), Rete Sanremo solidate, Roya citoyenne, SHE’LTER France, Sublimes Portes, (Marseille), SUD-Solidaires (06), Transat Association (Marseille), …..

Of course, as a media, Kedistan is in solidarity and will participate. So, see you in Nice on June 5th!

And until we meet…

Why not take advantage of what we hope will be the final weeks of the pandemic in order to create a home-workshop with this excellent tutorial video by Grazie Claudia: “How to make a vagina/kite”!

Headline illustration: Drawing by Naz Oke
Translation by Renée Lucie Bourges
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