May 18, 2022
From Scenes From The Atlanta Forest

It’s approaching summertime and things are heating up in so-called Atlanta. Forest defense continues as bold as ever, and my friends and lovers are putting their bodies and freedom on the line to stop the encroachment of development and the police into the forest. Around the city and even outside of it, we are bringing the struggle to those that would prefer to quietly profit from destruction, we are laying aside the machines that kill the forest. People are starting to pay attention. Ecofascists are starting to pay attention. I have cried tears of joy at the mass movement my friends have made, the diversity of tactics fostered, and the huge number of people brought in. But this movement can only exist if we remember that we are engaged in a three way fight ( Fascists are engaged in their own fight with the state as well as their own eliminationist campaign against all they deem as deviant, especially those with Black and trans identities. Rather than simply serving as a tool for the state, fascists are seeking to overthrow the state to create their own murderous regime, and will try to use us, to co-opt our movement. The movement to Stop Cop City has already seen attempted fascist creep ( Not everyone who hates the cops and hates that state is our friend. As our movement continues to grow, ecofascists will see us as a useful tool for their own goals. After all, they like trees, we like trees, we hate the state, they hate the state. But that’s where the similarities end. In their calls to action, they will tell us to protect a specific “people” rather than all people, who we stand for. They will throw around words like us being “slaves” to technology – as we fight to remember the lives lost of enslaved Black people. They will evoke spirituality, but they will ignore the spirituality of the Muscogee people whose land we are on. Most importantly of all, they will publicly call on us to take action that will directly lead to our friends and lovers being jailed, being beaten, and potentially being killed. We are a militant movement for sure, but we are avoiding undue risk as we continue this joyful struggle. To the ecofascists, we are just another tool, and they would see us locked up and dead if it meant supporting their cause. Just this past weekend, a self-described ecofascist who cited Kaczynski killed 11 people in so-called Buffalo, New York in an explicit attempt to murder as many Black people as possible. We reject all calls to violence for a “people”. AS THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, WE CALL FOR A REJECTION OF FASCIST CREEP IN THE MOVEMENT TO STOP COP CITY WE CALL FOR A REJECTION OF FASCIST CREEP IN THE WELAUNEE FOREST WE CALL FOR A REJECTION OF THE EMBRACE OF FASCIST AETHETICS WE CALL FOR VIGILANCE AGAINST THESE THREATS TO OUR FRIENDS AND LOVERS WE CALL FOR A COMMUNITY BASED ON LOVE AND PROTECTION OF THAT WHICH WE HOLD DEAR

-Received anonymously over email

We have received concerned emails and other forms of contact regarding two submitted videos and a statement that contained fascist imagery and covert fascist ideology hidden under a thin veil of radical language and identity politics which was hosted on our site. We believe that this was possibly an effort to incorporate the “fascist creep” subtly to normalize and spread fascism.  After being made aware we promptly took it down and we thank everyone who reached out to us, and to the above person for writing this statement which we agree with and can assume is in response and reference to the previously mentioned released statement and videos. We will work better to identify threats and bad actors in the future. We apologize for having shared it in the first place.
– scenes