May 10, 2021
From Rose City Counter-Info (USA)

Over the years Rose City Antifa has released zines covering a range of topics. Listed blow are PDF versions of five zines they have made. Three of them are from a series called “Antifascist Toolkit”, this series covers history, basics and best practices in regards to anti-fascism. The remaining two are from a series called “Know Your Assholes”, which covers individuals and groups who engage in fascist “activism”.

Antifascist Toolkit:

An Introduction to Antifascism

Print: (short-side binding) An Introduction to Antifascism-booklet

Read online: An Introduction to Antifascism

Portland’s Antifascist History

Print: (short-side binding) Portland’s Antifascist History-booklet

Read online: Portland’s Antifascist History

Best Practices for Tips and Info Sharing

Print: (short-side binding) Best Practices for Tips and Info Sharing-booklet

Read online: Best Practices for Tips and Info Sharing

Know Your Assholes

Fascist Street Gangs

Print: (short-side binding) KYA_Fascist Street Gangs-booklet

Read online: KYA_Fascist Street Gangs


Print: (short-side binding) KYA_CopsNW-booklet

Read online: KYA_CopsNW

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