June 25, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

           To those who observe, it was obvious that capitalism and its minder states were heading for a major crisis in the form of ever increasing rebellion and revolt on the streets. Country after country saw the population take to the streets in anger and determination to change this exploitative, unfair and unjust system. However, whatever you wish to call it, Covid19 hit the planet and governments across the world seized the moment and introduced lockdowns, by some it may have been deemed necessary due to the circumstances, though methods of tackling the pandemic are debatable, but it cleared the streets in many countries and put the population, on the whole, in submissive mode. A situation the states would utilise to the utmost, to regain control over the streets and their rebellious citizens.

        However, in country after country the honeymoon is over and anger has once again taken to the streets, the old injustices are still there, the same ecological disasters are still galloping towards us, the same poverty and deprivation still cripples millions, the same wars for gain still kill and maim thousands, and the people are fully aware of this, and realise that it is part and parcel of the capitalist economic system, and to remedy these problems we must tear down the system and replace it with a fairer, sustainable system that sees to the needs of all our people and the planet that we call home, a system freed from the cancer of profit.

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