March 2, 2021
From SlackBastard

Above : Tom Sewell, Jacob Hersant and other nazis with Sky News Australia’s Lauren ‘The Great Replacement’ Southern.

I don’t have much more to add really, but felt like I should at least take note of the fact that:

1) Last night, Channel 9’s tabloid TV show A Current Affair did a thing on the nazis who went hiking through the Grampians in January;
2) Unhappy at the prospect of what they presumed would be an unfair portrayal, two nazi leaders of the expedition — Tom Sewell and Jacob Hersant — attended the Channel 9 headquarters in Melbourne earlier that day in order to remonstrate with ACA;
3) While in the Channel 9 foyer, the dynamic duo attempted to film some agitprop for their Terrorgram channel, a security guard instructed them to leave, and the guard was then (allegedly) racially-abused by Hersant and assaulted by Sewell.


4) If nothing else, ACA made it clear that Sewell & Co. are neo-Nazis;
5) As befits his status as a budding fuehrer, Sewell is unrepentant over his action, which he’s framed as self-defence and as constituting a legitimate form of confrontation with the (((media)));
6) Presumably, police may — at some point in the future — charge Sewell with assault, and there’s even an outside chance Hersant may also be charged with racial vilification;
7) Sewell’s insouciance makes sense because — if nothing else — the footage of him punching a black man in the face is xclnt meme fodder for the teenyboppers he desperately wants to join him on his quest for an Antipodean nazi Reich;
8) On the same episode, Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton declared that the Australian government intended to proscribe a neo-Nazi groupuscule called Sonnenkrieg Division;
9) Following the incident at Channel 9, Sewell was interviewed by a Canadian neo-Nazi called Brandon Martinez;
10) Martinez praised Sewell as his hero — though whether or not Sewell, like Adolf Hitler, eventually becomes An Hero is of course unknown at this stage.

See also : From Antipodean Resistance to the National Socialist Network (November 29, 2020).