January 23, 2022
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A few words about the intervention to Professor A. Drakos

From Dark Nights

The age we live in finds us trapped in a spectacular, imposing but at the same time fragile normality, the normality of the “aristocrats” and their slaves. Sitting behind their seats, with wide smiles and over-inflated bank accounts, the ‘excellent’ are the dream of every petty bourgeois. However much they may communicate this image, the pervasive rot and stench that pervades them is everywhere, infesting the space where they stand and breathe.

This image is usually accompanied by a high social status and perhaps a high-ranking position in the academic, artistic or political world. We do not forget the case of the serial rapist, pedophile and involved in shelters for underage refugee children, D. Lignadis, a ‘renowned’ actor in the eyes of the shaky Greek society, whose political contacts were and are so strong that he was appointed president of the National Theatre. Another shining example of ‘excellence and ethics’ is Nikos Georgiades, MP and political planning secretary of the New Democracy party. In 2016 this scumbag was found involved in a pedophile ring in Moldova. We apologize if the above names made you sick but there is a follow-up and that is the associate professor of financial management at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Anastasios Drakos.

On Tuesday 11/01/22 we coordinated a storming of the auditorium A of the Athens University of Economics and Business during a course taught by A. Drakos. His abusive attack, the writing of slogans on the walls of the auditorium and the physical violence we used were our main means of highlighting an issue that has been buried around powerful acquaintances.

Two anonymous complaints against A. Drakos have been made public, having in common his paedophile habits. More specifically, the first complaint comes from a former partner of A. Drakos-also a professor at the OPA-with whom he coexists in a loan sharking case and it is reported that A. Drakos was caught in the act of having sexual intercourse with underage children in their joint company in Romania in 2016. As for the second complaint, which was made public in 2019-also by two of his university colleagues who are not related to the aforementioned case-it says that in a meeting in a faculty room, A. Drakos disclosed his close friendly relations with the pedophile N. Georgiades, admitted that they share the same pedophilic tendencies and did not hesitate to show off his motives. All this in the same place where the subject in question continued to teach undisturbed for another four years.

Although the complaints are public in nature and have been sent in the form of letters and out-of-office letters to the offices of competent ministers and rectors as early as 2019, in October 2019 A.Drakos was appointed by decision of the then Minister of Environment and Energy, Kostis Hadjidakis, as a member of the Green Fund. As if that were not enough, in November 2019, he was appointed as a member of the seven-member Board of Directors of the Centre for Security Studies by decision of the then Minister of Citizen Protection, Michael Chrysochoidis. Following our action, as expected, his close allies rushed to his defence. One of the first was Dimitris Bourantonis, the rector of the University of Athens, who, through a statement issued by the rectorate a few days after the attack, said that the pedophile professor is and will remain a member of the university community. Besides, he declared ignorance of the existence of any complaint of a sexual nature towards the professor, seemingly forgetting the letter sent to him in March 2021, which reflected suspicions that Drakos was involved in a pedophile ring as well as completely disregarding the two anonymous complaints of a total of three professors teaching at his university. A sad and pathetic attempt to deflect responsibility for a scandal in which he is also a participant. Niki Kerameos, the current Minister of Education and Religious Affairs and a member of the New Democracy party, although she had received the same letter as D. Bourantonis and was fully aware of the facts, chose in her statements to omit the fact of the activity of a paedophile within the university. She used this action as another excuse to support her repressive campaign in the universities as well as to clarify her attitude of solidarity with A. Drakos. The same letter was also received by the Supreme Court prosecutor’s office as well as by the Maximos Mansion (Office of the Prime Minister). Worthy of mention is the immediate response of Syriza as it was one of the first to condemn our action and was one of the first to be informed about the actions of A. Drakos, since a letter had already been sent in 2019 to the then Minister of Education K. Gavroglou. This issue was widely known throughout the spectrum of ‘excellence’ that all this time contributed to the covering of the case and the preservation of the name and academic career of A. Drakos. Because of this confluence we chose to hold the action in an auditorium full of students, knowing that in this way we would be able to achieve the greatest possible dissemination of the issue by exposing both him and state officials and mechanisms that in any case would try to cover up common secrets to those who threaten their ”flawless” image. In a final attempt to blot out the establishment media and Drakos, the motives for the attack on him were presented as personal rivalries, implying that it was a third-party directed, mafia-style hit. Which is absurd, because our anarchist character throughout the intervention was clearly visible and our speech was very specific.

The case of A. Drakos is not an isolated example. Nor is it a question of incompetence or indifference on the part of those involved, but this is how the system and its branches have worked over time. Such subjects exist in our daily lives in various forms, subjects who, taking advantage of the power given to them, oppress the lives of others in order to satisfy their personal desires, under the illusion that they will never face any consequences. We have chosen to ‘break’ this illusion by reminding our exploiters that no position or social status makes you invulnerable. We refuse enslavement and build barriers to the normalcy they want to impose on us.




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