February 2, 2021
From International Confederation Of Labour

A massive THANK YOU!

As you know, ICL’s Asia group with the support of FAU Hamburg have been coordinating a fundraising campaign with Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) in Dhaka (Bangladesh) on behalf of the workers involved in the Dragon Group conflict. Our aim was to raise 20,000 euros in support of struggling textile workers who were fighting for wages, bonus and severance payments owed to them since March 2020. Through a campaign on GoFundMe and direct donations to the bank account, we got more than 19,000 Euros, which is fantastic!

This allows GWTUC to distribute food packages (and some cash) – which are desperately needed – to around 500 workers for three months.

Other expenses related to the Dragon Group Campaign will also be covered, among others:

  • Debt from medical expenses for those injured in the protests
  • Legal and organisational debt from campaign
  • Bail debt for arrested workers
  • School fees for workers’ kids, so they don’t miss out on their education

The first distribution of food and household items, plus a little cash, took place in January.

Workers of the GWTUC went to buy the components for the food packages on January 28th, while distribution to around 500 former textile workers of Dragon Group factories took place on January 29 – 30th, 2021. Further distributions are planned for February and March.

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Source: Icl-cit.org