October 22, 2020
From IWW Australia

Members of the IWW all across Australia have done an amazing job in advocating for workers’ rights and defending our interests against employers and companies that continually push to see what they can get away with.

As the power and wealth of employers grow, it is important for us to grow too so that we can continue to protect each other from increasingly hostile workplaces that view workers as expendable.

With that in mind, we are making a push to expand our ranks and found a new branch of the IWW in Victoria’s second-most populous city, Geelong!

The city is set to see continued and rapid growth with new buildings and developments kicking off all over the place. As more people come to Geelong and more businesses open their doors in our city, there is a growing risk of worker exploitation and wage theft.

We encourage anyone who has experienced unfair working conditions to join us today so that you can have the support of your fellow workers in achieving the conditions that you deserve in your workplace.

For any would-be IWW members in the Geelong area who might have held off joining until now, we encourage you to join the IWW and help us found a local branch!

And if you’re on the fence about joining up, we’re more than happy to have a chat with you about all the benefits that organising can have for you in your workplace. The IWW prides itself on our dedication to direct action to help everyday workers like you!

Source: Iww.org.au