October 7, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

      A lesson all workers should learn, taking control and turning production into something that benefits the planet and humanity on the whole. We can’t expect the CEO and the share holders to think along these lines, their only aim is profit for themselves and to hell with humanity. Until we take control of production and distribution, we are on a suicide mission.

  THE PLAN that came from the bottom up

Glasgow Film Theatre

2pm, Sunday 24th Oct

Two-part film, followed by a panel/audience discussion

on the role of workplace/community plans today



       Part film essay, part documentary THE PLAN tells the story of how a group of British engineers came to be nominated for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize when they decided to make wind turbines instead of components for military jets.
       This Grierson Award-nominated film looks at how the eco-pioneering Lucas Aerospace workers took control for the sake of the planet. Their heroism has been largely forgotten, but as climate crisis dominates public debate there’s vital lessons to be learnt from their story.
        “An essential historical and political essay… an urgent and gripping piece of work.” London Film Festival
       “See it, promote it and discuss it. If we want to transform society, this is a good place to start.” Ken Loach


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