June 22, 2022
From Scenes From The Atlanta Forest
Everyone has a name and an address.
We live in your walls.
Can the company face the financial burden?
Every day a new set of windows, cleaning up paint, fixing smoke damage, loss of assets.
Will employees stay when faced with increased pressure.
Rumors around the office that there’s a list of addresses and information, then someone wakes up to protestors outside their house, someone else’s car stops working but they’ve had it for awhile and they don’t maintain it, but they freak out, someone has their neighborhood flyer-ed with their face. name, address, their cellphone number, and where they work, someone else has their church visited, someone else gets confronted at a restaurant, and someone else their grocery store run at 2pm on Monday after Yoga and before their therapy appointment.
People start quitting and the pay raises can’t soothe their anxieties. One day you arrive to the office and the windows are broken and the office covered in paint. The company has to close it’s office while repairs are made. Your companies files get leaked online and the bank account gets drained from an anonymous hacker.
This is happening all over the country. Whoever is doing this… they’re everywhere. Will it stop?
Only if you drop the contract
-Received anonymously over email

Source: Scenes.noblogs.org