February 21, 2021
From Idavox

Luis “Louie Bee” Baez

Louie Bee tries so hard to get his podcast noticed, and since propagandist/Jan. 6 insurrectionist Gabriel Brown is his co-host and he likes to promote suspected child pornographers, it now will be!

Luis “Louie Bee” Baez is a Proud Boy from Brooklyn, NY that works as a security guard in a homeless shelter while moonlighting as a comedian in the New York City area. He also has a little-known podcast called the Crotch Shot Radio Show that he broadcasts from a number of platforms, particularly YouTube. Many of the topics are what one would expect from someone associated with the Proud Boys, such as the usual complaints about being called racist and to that end antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement as well, misogynistic attacks on women, and to that end as well, far right, like-minded guests such as British Men’s Rights Activist Carl “Sargon of Akaad” Benjamin, who was a part of the Gamergate campaign to harass women in the video game industry that included online and telephoned death threats that drove many into hiding. Baez’s co-host on the podcast is New York area neo-fascist propagandist Gabriel Brown and often their gripe du jour is regarding antifa, even recently dedicating four episodes of his podcast lasting almost two hours each to discuss the appearance One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins had on Gregg Housh’s podcast.

Given this, the podcast would be the place where Brown would come for a defense while he is in hiding  not just from the attention he has received after his involvement in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 from the FBI that is looking for him, but also from the attention he received from Twitter and Vice Magazine who wrote an article exposing his reputed criminal actions during the insurrection. But if anyone was listening to the podcast over the past week, they also would have heard two porn actor friends of the show that are veterans of the Gamergate campaign who have been sitting in jail for the past two years awaiting trial on charges that they sexually abused the underage daughter of one of them “several times” over four months in a case that officials say might involve more victims.

Baez is a crass individual who does not work from a position of reason. On the Feb. 11 program, he went on a misogynistic and vulgar rant about how U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is only good enough to have sex with, a rant that was spurred on simply by her speaking on how she and her fellow representatives were in danger from the mob that stormed the Capitol. It doesn’t stop with his political stances. He used to have an Instagram account where he once posted a photograph of a homeless woman reportedly from the shelter he works at from behind adding a crass comment to it. It is no wonder that he has been unable to keep social network accounts. He no longer has the Instagram account, there is no presence of him on Facebook, and according to him, one of his accounts on Twitter was suspended last month, only for the account he is currently using to be created at the same time. A few of his platforms still remain but with the exception of the YouTube channel with features his podcast and other political videos, they are exclusively related to his comedy act. Little attention is given to those endeavors, as the only article about Baez seems to not be about his comedy, but rather a “patient stories” page on the New York Presbyterian Hospital website from a few years ago regarding his type 2 diabetes.

We blurred this image because unlike Louie Bee, we aren’t assholes.

Both Baez and Brown went down to Washington, DC on Jan 6., Baez saying in one video that he shot there that it was one of the few times he ever left New York. They participated in chants and a voice that sounded like Brown’s can be heard shouting, “BLM and Klan go hand in hand,” an ironic statement considering Brown and Baez often say that their ethnicity negates charges of them having any association with White supremacists. Although they were together for the march from Women for America First’s rally that featured Donald Trump, at some point they were separated. Brown is seen in video produced by himself and others cheering on the trashing of media equipment owned by the Associated Press, that drew attention to him, on Twitter, Vice Magazine and the FBI who is currently looking for him.

File Photo. Here’s the thing: if you want to mock people calling you white supremacists, the best thing NOT to do – as Gabriel Brown is doing now – is wear a shirt from a record label that is using a graphic ripped off from a Skrewdriver single cover! Brown wore this shirt at the Dec. 12 rally in DC as well. We can at the very least call you White supremacist adjacent – not to mention dumb as hell.

The Vice Magazine article detailed Brown’s associations with the Proud Boys, which was founded by Vice Magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes who left the company in 2008. The article further notes that Brown, 37, has been associated with other hate groups such as the 211 Boot Boys and the National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA), whose patch Brown was wearing on his jacket during the Jan. 6 insurrection. On Feb. 11, Baez had attempted to have Gabriel Brown on his program but was unable to do so because of the bad connection between them. After several attempts Baez instead spent the rest of the podcast with another guest as they talked of several issues, Baez descending into the aforementioned rant about Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, another bit where he attempted to impersonate Daryle Lamont Jenkins with a stereotypical racial dialect and given that, ironic complaints about being called racist, mostly by Black people, at his job, most notably after he participated in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

Baez still attempted to come to the defense of his friend. “As someone that was there with him, what crime did he commit?” he asked. “I don’t know what crime he committed, he was there covering it like I was. We did nothing illegal. He spoke! He spoke! He got on a megaphone and spoke which is protected speech he did not incite any riots. He wasn’t endorsing what was going on, he did not join in what was going on.”

The video Brown himself recorded shows him indeed endorsing the destruction of the Associated Press media equipment however, contrary to Baez’s defense of him. “This is what you get!” Brown shouts in one video as he records people destroying the equipment. “You’re not going to do your job? Well now you can’t! Now you can’t fuckin’ do your job fuckin’ media! Fuck you!” Minutes later, he is joining in a chant of “Fuck fake news!” along with others. Later while at the doors of the Capitol, Brown borrowed a megaphone to broadcast a rant while standing outside. Brown has since deleted all the videos on his YouTube account, but it was uploaded elsewhere, as well as video from another vlogger named “Zykotik” showing the same scene.

Brown did not appear on the two most recent podcast episodes, the first featuring porn actress Melinda “Mercedes Carrera” Smith and the second her husband fellow porn star Jason Whitney, known in the industry as “Daemon Cins”. Both have been on the program in the past and Baez referred to Whitney as a “friend of the show”. Smith, according to the Sacramento Bee, became a darling of the far right because of her support of the Gamergate campaign, and in a video on her YouTube channel, she attacked “feminists whining to the UN about mean tweets while they ignore cultural child rape and the punishment of the men who stood up to it.” That video is currently looking particularly hypocritical because Smith and Whitney are in jail since being arrested just over two years ago in lieu of $2 million bail for each of them and are awaiting trial on such charges.

“Last week, my husband and I [were] arrested on charges of molesting my nine-year-old daughter, the absolute worst crime I can imagine,” Smith wrote in a statement just after she was arrested. “The charges were filed by her father, my ex-partner (a fundamentalist Christian). He is trying to take custody of our child from me. The charges are absolutely false and horrifying, and a last ditch effort to keep me from contact with my daughter for the rest of my life. I am so worried for her. Her life is shattered. Life will never be the same for any of us.”

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, it shouldn’t be. When deputies were notified, they did an extensive interview of the victim and obtained a warrant for the next day. Deputies found evidence that “located a large amount of evidence corroborating the victim’s statement,” including drugs, guns, and a makeshift studio in their bedroom so they could film and record “various pornographic videos or web shows.”

L-R, Jason Whitney, Melinda Smith and Proud Boy Joe Biggs.

Both Smith and Whitney associated with well-known neo-fascists such as Mike Cernovich and Milo Yianopoulos, but were close friends with Proud Boys such as McInnes and Joe Biggs. Smith defended Biggs in a tweet four years ago after a Raw Story article exposed tweets from him suggesting sexual violence and rape. Biggs is one of the Proud Boys currently facing charges stemming from his actions at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

As Smith and Whitney are still in jail, Baez, who calls them “political prisoners” because in his words Smith is “a danger to the establishment”, interviewed them separately for two episodes. Smith did not speak about her case, choosing instead to advocate for a woman she says was wrongly incarcerated in a conflict with an abusive boyfriend. Whitney and Baez spoke mostly about relationships, the first questions from Baez being, “How did you get Mercedes and how cool are you from a scale of one to ten?” Eventually Whitney, who said he tested positive for Covid-19 which helped delay his court proceedings, said that the case is moving forward and they should start seeing developments soon. The couple appeared in court on Friday for a pre-trial hearing, where they set the date for trial for March 5.

There isn’t any evidence of Baez being involved in any of the violence and rioting that took place Jan. 6, and in fact he says he never did anything illegal while there. He is still a Proud Boy however, and his podcast might be seen as a wealth of information about the group that is probably still untapped. With the Proud Boys under the microscope more than any other group that participated that day, his most recent associations might reveal more about the neo-fascist group and him than he intended .

Source: Idavox.com