January 25, 2022
From Radical Guide

We are excited to announce that A Radical Guide now has a FireTV Channel and a Roku Channel. You can download them directly from their respective platforms by using the search function.   Both channels offer LIVE and On-Demand videos.  You can also download them from the web here for Roku and FireTV/Amazon App.

We will be updating the content every week and reaching out to partners to expand the content.  We created these channel apps to do what we have done for radical locations but with video content.  There is so much great radical content out there we want to help elevate it, and for free.   Download the channels and enjoy the content as we grow this effort. If you have material you want on the channel, please reach out to us, and let’s make it happen.

You can see what both of the channels look like in the videos below.

Source: Radical-guide.com