March 26, 2021
From Anarchist Rising


My Federal MP, Andrew Laming, is in the news yet again, this time being thrown into the pool of fiends in Parliament House who can’t seem to grasp the concept of respecting women, so feel the need to try grasp at women. He has been the MP for Bowman since 2004 – 17 years this year. I first voted in 2016, so I thought it would be fun to run through his various stunts, media appearances, and mishaps in that time! (This is a list of what I remembered and found with some quick searches – if you have anymore to add, let me know!)


  • Waged a weekend war against the meme page “Simpsons against the liberals”, in which he “mashed lefties” and believed his “discussion” got people “thinking”.
  • Racked up a taxpayer funded phone bill well into the thousands – wonder how much he’s spent recently?
  • Released a map of the NBN rollout in the Redlands area claiming it would be  completed by 2018. My house, in a suburb supposedly getting it done in 2016, did not get connected until November 2019.




  • As a medical professional, he voted against medical transfers for asylum seekers.
  • Also opposed to pill testing – this was one of many occasions where he has created fake or anonymous “grassroots” Facebook pages attacking certain groups or people under the guise of a genuine issue.
  • Another such page was “Redland Hospital: Let’s fight for fair funding” which harassed and attacked State Labor MP Don Brown while supporting Andrew Laming’s crusade for “more funding”. Much of the rhetoric used by the page mirrored Laming’s own ramblings.



  • An annual affair, he has been called out for sculling drinks at Australia Day parties, with one video this year going viral as a young woman appears to scull vodka as he casually drinks a beer.
  • Revelations that he accused a woman of misappropriating charity funds, and carried out abuse against another woman over six years online.
  • Kim Richards has also added her voice to the accusations of abuse and harassment carried out by Laming.
  • He has only now offered “heartfelt” and “sincere” apologies, after his boss had to be seen to do something.