March 17, 2021
From Enough Is Enough 14

Athens. Greece. Statement by the Solidarity Assembly with hunger striker D. Koufontinas on the end of his hunger strike.

Originally published by Act for Freedom Now!


On March 14, revolutionary communist D. Koufontinas ended his hunger strike after 65 days’ resistance. Although his request for transfer to Korydallos was not accepted, the movement and social dynamics expressed on the occasion of the hunger strike far exceeded the request itself.

The N.D. government had made its intentions clear from the beginning, seeking his death. This was expressed through the violation and opportunistic by-passing of legal and constitutional institutions and was accompanied by the strengthening of the police state. By over-ruling its own laws, the government’s efforts to silence this struggle clearly show its desperation.

Nonetheless, the social and political contradictions that emerged through this struggle led to the strengthening of the antagonist movement around its just struggle. Thus, this struggle was characterized by constant victories over a state apparatus which bends, revenges fighters and serves international neoliberal policies. That is why the struggle is considered victorious.

Solidarity Assembly with hunger striker D. Koufontinas