May 18, 2021
From Wessex Solidarit (UK)

Kurdistan Solidarity Network

Palestine, Kurdistan and the martyrs of May

The Kurdistan Freedom Movement honours fallen comrades by never forgetting their legacy and fighting in their names for the world we want to live in. Today, 18th May, marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of several internationalist comrades: Deniz Gezmis, Haki Karer and Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.We remember them for the influence they had on the founding members of our movement.We remember with added revolutionary meaning as thousands of Palestinians are on a general strike against Israeli-state apartheid.

All three of these revolutionaries were of Turkish origin but each took their place in the internationalist struggle for socialism and a free life everywhere. They recognised that the freedom of the Turkish people was inextricably tied to the freedom of Kurds, Armenians and all other colonised nations that had been scooped up with the founding of the Turkish state in 1923.

Our struggle is their struggle

With the attacks…

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