July 9, 2021
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From The Federation of Anarchism Era by Abtin Parsa

Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me anyway.

Today, July 8, 2021, the Dutch state rejected my request to stop the extradition by sending an email and formally issued an extradition order.

I intend to appeal the regime’s decision by making an appeal and take the case to the court, but it has become clear that bourgeois justice intends to extradite me to Greece anyway.

Bourgeois justice wants to extradite me anyway

If I am extradited to Greece, it will not be the biggest problem to spend time in Greek prisons, but because, in addition to Greece, I have been accused of terrorism by the Iranian theocratic regime (2017 during the student uprising, accused of teaching protesters to how to make bomb, this accusation was broadcast on Iranian national television), there is also a risk of my extradition from Greece to Iran, which is the main problem.

I was once tortured and imprisoned in the prisons of the theocratic regime of Iran in 2014-2015, this time the followers of Allah will surely kill me. European bourgeois justice wants this, too, because it gets rid of me.


Amsterdam Protests in Solidarity With Abtin Parsa …

Is there no solidarity? Is this how western comrades treat their comrades who comes from the Middle East?

Does not the life of a non-white immigrant, queer and anarchist worth enough to give solidarity?

Have we not fought next to each others against the common enemy in the streets of Europe for years?

So why are the majority of western political movements silent on this case, the decision of which determines my fate, whether I am dead or alive?

Why the LGBT movements in the west are silent? isn’t the life of a non-binary and queer worth enough for giving solidarity?

Solidarity Message by Anarchist Abtin Parsa …amwenglish.com

Comrades, this silence will be recorded in the history of the left and anarchism struggles, and will undoubtedly be a historical shame on the foreheads of western political movements.

Abtin Parsa

8 July 2021

Statement of solidarity with Abtin Parsa, Fran Molero and …

https://enoughisenough14.org/… /AbtinParsa is a revolutionary anarchist and former political prisoner from Iran. He was arrested in Iran at age 16 in his high school for giving a speech speaking out against religion and the state. After spending a year and a half in prison in Iran he fled to Greece where he joined the anarchist struggle.

Anarchist Bookfair Amsterdam

https://anarchistbookfairamsterdam.blackblogs.org/en/The persecuted anarchist AbtinParsa is an former political prisoner with an atheist view from Iran who was imprisoned by the Islamic regime for one year and half. Even after his release from prison, he came under pressure from the Islamic regime, and in 2016 escaped to Greece from Iran.

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