November 3, 2020
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Why do we need a police force, and if we have one how do you train them? It seems that certain police forces in America use quotes from Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf, trains recruits to kill without emotion, and to see killing as the probable outcome of their interaction with the public. Of course ever political alive person is fully aware of why we have a police force, it’s there to protect the managers of the system and their wealth, power and privileges. It is the first line of defence should the ordinary people get pissed off with the gross inequality and try to do something about eliminating that inequality. When you create a state police force, you eliminate any possibility of democracy, democracy and police authority are totally incompatible.

      Killing and a well-known police trainer. Grossman’s “teachings” have been used by the US military to train recruits to kill without thinking.
       Grossman has argued, without evidence, that policing is more dangerous than in previous decades and therefore cops must be prepared to use more, not less, force. During a PBS Frontline interview in 2004 Grossman argued that he was not conditioning soldiers and police to kill without hesitation, but to embrace the responsibility of killing stating: “Killing is not the goal, but we all understand that killing is the likely outcome.”
       He, along with his business partner, Jim Glennon, a Chicago Police officer for 21 years, have been elevated to bring the training and “lethality” they learned in the military to the “homeland” to be used against the domestic working class.
       It is notable that Hall’s training curriculum was used by the KSP during the administration of former Democratic governor Steve Beshear, and was only brought to light years later upon an open records request. There is no doubt that similar curriculums are currently in use by police agencies throughout the country.
     While the Democratic party occasionally pays lip service to the idea of “reforming” the police, the fact is the police are the frontline troops of the bourgeoisie, given immense power and virtual legal immunity to beat, assault and kill workers and youth. It was the Obama/Biden administration that oversaw the militarized crackdown in Ferguson, Missouri and of Native American and other protesters during the Standing Rock demonstrations in North Dakota. They also oversaw the transfer of 460,000 pieces of military equipment to local police departments under the 1033 program.

       The defeat of fascism and the elimination of police violence is bound up with the abolition of capitalism. Those who are interested in joining this struggle must break from the Democratic Party, and all their pseudo-left hangers-on,

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