May 11, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

        So we in the UK seem to be stuck with pompous bumbling Boris for another few years. It’s amazing that so many ordinary people think that voting for a millionaire will solve their problems. They don’t seem to realise that he lives in a different world from them, a world of luxury and privileged power, he has a entirely different value structure based on an Eton, Balliol College privileged education, an education that fits them out to rule over, not to serve. Apart from that the man is a racist and has proved himself to be a liar, yet the public turn out in large numbers to support him and hand him the reins of power over their lives, to give him the power to pluck other well-heeled upper class privileged parasites to assist him in his drive for power and privileges. When will we ever learn. 

        Lifted this from a Class War site, I’m sure they wont mind, I feel it deserves a bit more publicity.

      You’ve done your duty, you turned up and voted him in, now sit back and be shafted for the greater glory of wealth, power and privileges.

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