July 26, 2021
From European Youth For Action

Date: 27 September – 03 Oktober
Place: Quecke – antidiscriminatory & selforganized seminarhouse, queerfeminist landproject in northeastern brandenburg, Germany.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this international gathering, which will bring
together young activists to share ideas, experiences and practical tools to challenge the ways
we organize events, making them more accessible to all. Join us for a week of horizontal
learning processes with workshops, discussion spaces for sharing experiences & collective
self-care tools, strengthening our networks of support and solidarity.

Let’s explore together the broad definition of accessibility – The ability to have access, and
what this looks like in various circumstances and from different perspectives – from the
more basic structural venue considerations such as ramps and rails, to aspects rarely
mentioned such as language, access to information, technology, decision-making processes,
finances, notions of belonging, etc. As accessibility in self-organized grassroots spaces is
often neglected, this gathering will focus on how to actively be inclusive in our daily
practices; by changing the spaces we occupy and organize in, through the reduction of
barriers in our collectives, both physically and in our communication; our minds as well as
our actions.
Often times, discussions around the subject of accessibility tend to be focused on
recognizing many kinds of discrimination and their impact on these communities, however,
we would like to push beyond acknowledgments, and focus on practical approaches and
tangible actions. Our goal is to develop the skills to communicate all needs and to negotiate
ways to meet them in order to organize events inclusively and mindfully; to learn together
and empower one another with key tools and resources by sharing, and to create ample
space for diversity of ideas, rest and renewal.

Who is this event for?
We invite everyone who is, or wants to be involved in organizing events in general – online
and offline, small or large scale, local, spontaneous, regular, etc. We particularly welcome
people facing many kinds of barriers, be that based on different ability levels, emotional
distress, financial status, care and assistance (for themselves, their kids, etc.), gender
identity & expression, language, and so on, as well as anyone who has been involved in
developing support structures for awareness and collective care. We prioritize BIPOC,
trans*, Inter and queer people, with migration and working class background.

We expect participants and contributors from different countries and cultures. The main
spoken language of the event will be English, but translation can be provided. Travel
expenses, accommodation and food will be provided as well. We have a no-flight policy, but
please contact us if flying is absolutely necessary for you. Due to the constant changes in
circumstances and regulations regarding the ongoing pandemic, we will send around a
hygiene concept before the event, but we are working to ensure that there will be on site
testing, PPE readily available, and the possibility for online attendance to the workshops for
those in high risk. Any other safety concerns can be communicated to the orga team prior to,
or during the training.

How to apply?
Write to 2021@eyfa.org and let us know:

  1. How do you position yourself in terms of gender, race, class:
  2. Do you have any kind of food allergy / diet requirements (no sugar/salt, nuts, soy,
    etc.) All the food provided will be vegan.
  3. Any wishes in terms of accommodation?
  4. What language are you comfortable with? Would you like translation to be
  5. Can we provide any kind of assistance or do you have any other requirements?
    *The venue is accessible via ramps, staircase with handrails and wheelchair lifts. All
    doors are wide and there is 1 accessible bathroom. Part of the outside area has a
    leveled floor in wood or cement and most of the yard/land is unpaved.

Deadline is the 15th of August 2021.
The event is organized by European Youth For Action (www.eyfa.org), with the
support of EYF and Patagonia Fund.

Source: Eyfa.org