May 30, 2021
From Act For Freedom

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From the territory usurped by the Uruguayen State.

During the night of Tuesday May 18 we decided to block one of the access roads to the town of Montevideo by fire.
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We feel alongside the compas who, day after day, defy the daily routine of the prison, using their bodies as a stronghold in the struggle.
We send them a complicit wink of love and rage, which transcends the borders imposed by States and capital.
In memory of Mauricio Morales, comrade fallen in combat on May 22nd 2009; we want to send a loving warm hug to his friends and affinities, who remember him every day in the struggle.
Solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners throughout the world! In this month of May of black memory, we remember the compas fallen in combat and, in solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners in Chile, in Italy, in Greece and all over the world, we materialize our rage with the complicit anarchic fire of the struggle.
To transcend the borders, walls and bars.
Long live anarchy!
For the spreading of the revolt!
Long live permanent insurrection!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

By chronik on 1. Mai 2021
Bremen, May 1, 2021
Another spark in Bremen: Against the curfew! Against the world of order! Unmarked cop car torched downtown!
We join the Autonomous Group that lit a fire on the first night of the curfew (
The curfew is enforced with a massive contingent of cops and property protection, which leaves no other association than that of a police state.
If you are still on the street after 10 p.m., you are suspect. Until midnight you are exposed to police arbitrariness, which certainly has no witnesses. Cops decide whether you look like you could be doing sports or on your way home. After midnight there is no escape.


At 17/9/2015, 2 years after the murder of antifascist Pavlos Fissas by the hand of fascist Roupakias, an anti-fascist – anti-state – anti-capitalist demonstration ( was called at Kaningos square by the «Anarchist’s assembly against state, capital, fascists».
As it has been historically proved, fascism is the right hand of bosses and states. Fascists are the useful front-men for the expansion of the capitalist interests on military terms, always embraced by the narrative of national consciousness and supremacy. Whenever needed, this narrative has been ideologically and materially employed on the purpose of redefining the social balances and the exploitative conditions.

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See to it that anarchy lives
Contents: Introduction – Poems – Correspondence with Axel Osorio – Music – Some found writings – Conversations – Stories – Love, kaos and anarchy – Words of your brothers – The fire spreads – Prologue
Published by Elephant Editions 2014.
Printed by some anarchist comrades, with contribution from comrades of Act for freedom now! project. Layout by Antonia.
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Imprisoned since his indictment on September 24th 2020, for the burning of two relay antennas in the Jura during the first confinement, today B. was sentenced to 4 years, two of which in prison.
He was tried behind closed doors, without a lawyer, the only public a journalist and two members of his family, while about twenty people were present outside the court of Nancy to show their solidarity.
A dozen cops came specially to prevent us from entering the court, and we were given a lecture by the proc on justice, sanitary version. Hearings are public but only a little. Only family members can go in “exceptionally”. He was careful not to mention that this doesn’t concern journalists.

16 months after our arrests on 29/01/2020, after all the media propaganda that followed and our isolation in different prisons, we are being put on trial on 31/5 at Loukareos Court. Αs an anarchist I oppose this procedure as I refuse to be judged by the chosen caste of judicial authority. But we are facing an extended indictment that composes a narrative which distorts the events and has as its main aim the extension of our imprisonment.
Briefly, we have been charged with ‘criminal organization’ as well as possession and transportation of heavy weaponry (the comrades also face this charge, whereas from the first moment I stated to the investigators that the weapons found in closed bags in the back seat where I was sitting, were my own), forgery, use of forged documents, force against officials and judiciaries, and disobedience. Furthermore, I have also been charged with the bank robbery of the Piraeus Bank in Erimanthia, Achaia, robbery-abduction of a policeman in Thessaloniki, and escape from the rural prison of Tirintha.
From my side, despite my known detestation of the boring and devious language of the law, I have the obligation to fight the cops’ allegations in the court, to fight the plans of the state that aim for the extension of the captivity of the two comrades, as well as the defamation of our relationships. Because by giving us specific hierarchical roles in a ‘criminal organization’, the charge is not only false but affronts in total our choices, our positions, and above all the relationships of solidarity and equality that we try to promote. A charge that is based on zero evidence since the only event connecting all three of us is the event of our arrest, as neither Konstantina or Dimitra are in any way connected with the robberies and thefts written in the case documents. For these reasons, the fabricated story of the police is not going to be left without a response.
To end this update text, I would like to express how much the solidarity actions around our case warm my heart.
Solidarity is our weapon
Malandrino Prison
Giannis Michailidis
Translated by Act for freedom now!
 On 30/1/2020, comrades Dimitra Valavani, Konstantina Athanasopoulou and Giannis Michailidis were arrested in a stolen car in Agia Paraskevi following an anti-terrorist operation.
Weapons were found inside the car, which was driven by Giannis Michailidis. He and Konstantina Athanasopoulou were wanted, the first as fugitive from the rural prisons of Tirintha and for participation in the E.A. , R.O.  REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE  the second for bank robbery.
All three comrades are being tried on May 31 in the courts in Athens , Loukareos Street, room D80ST, 2nd floor.
The robbery of Piraeus Bank in Achaia on 29/8/2019 has been added to the case, as well as holding a police officer hostage in Halkidiki on 30/12/2019.
All three are also accused of forming a criminal organization.
Act for freedom now!


To send letters to the comrades:
Dimitra Valavani (Δήμητρα Βαλαβάνη)
Dikastiki Fylaki Korydallou
Gynaikeies Fylakes, (women prison)
T.K. 18110
Kostantina Athanasopoulou (Κωσταντινα Αθανασοπουλου)
Eleonas Women’s Prison
T.K. 32200
Giannis Michailidis (Γιαννης Μηχαιλιδης)
Malandrinou prisons (Κ.Κ. Μαλανδρίνου)
T.K. 33053

A first statement from comrades Valavani, Athanasopoulou and Michailidis 2/3/20

Difficult is the moment when freedom is lost. Especially when it had been won in adverse conditions. The situation gets worse if we consider that the blow we received on a material level has even stronger symbolic implications. Our cinematic arrest was followed by similar media propaganda, our graphic tour with bulletproof vests and the usual judicial management to find ourselves once again with an overblown set of charges, elements that form an extension of the handcuffs and weapons of the uniformed assassins.

A look at the wider social situation around us which is changing at a rapid pace so that we can slip away from our own microcosm a little.
From the magnitude of the workers’ exploitation and abolishing of labour rights to the stranglehold of animals in meat production units. From the intensive repression against protests and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment from anti-terrorist services around the world, to deforestation and the disappearance of wildlife. From the financial exclusion of a growing social segment to the violent marginalization of most of the earth’s population. To the murders of the poor, the excluded, of all who are leftovers in the world of the mighty. From the provocative economic and business elite to the peoples being bombed, shot and uprooted. Where the interests of the powerful mean death, danger or a life drowned in submission. Nature, animals and humans mean nothing more than units generating profits and wealth. These and many others led us to choose the anarchist struggle, a choice that
challenges the existing social order. Our initial focus is on creating authentic and sincere relations, while at the same time there is the lasting need of our participation in the multiform struggle. After all, the anarchist struggle does not differentiate its means or support a hierarchy of forms of struggle. It is imperative and adjusts according to the conditions of each era, placing its bet on collectivization and diffusion on the social fabric.

…I think that one´s dignity comes from, firstly, not faltering with respect to one’s ideas, staying firm. So if they try to overwhelm you with adversity, with insane violence (I think there is sane violence), with punishments, in the end with everything, if you conform and stay silent and falter and doubt, you are fucked. But ideas without action are worthless, it’s bullshit theory, therefore idea and action must be and are the same thing.
Early in the morning of 22th of May 2009, our comrade Mauricio Morales died. He was carrying an explosive which detonated in his backpack, he died on the spot. It is assumed that the disgusting institution of the Gendarmerie ( school of prison Guards) was the aim of his attack. He died as a fighter, without fear, without hesitation, confronting every form of power.
He decided to turn his hatred into action. He transformed his life into a constant fight against the existent. Publications, direct support to imprisoned comrades, the spreading of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, spreading ideas were some of the daggers he sharpened during his life. In this way he wanted to contribute in different ways to the destruction of this society based on the logic of power and exploitation.
Mauri’s star lights up the struggle
Act for freedom now!
The first of the preliminary hearings – the usual bureaucratic ritual of formalities – was a chance to see Carla, currently under house arrest with all restrictions, and Natascia, unexpectedly transferred from the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Nat was moved, without her lawyer’s knowledge, as the hearings will take place in a courtroom in Turin not set up for videoconferencing.
From what we could understand she had been awakened at around 2am, taken by plane to Milan Linate where she arrived at 9:20, and escorted to the court over an hour late for the start of the trial. In spite of her lawyer’s insisting that she be allowed to sit next to him, the chief of the escort (4 screws from Santa Maria Capua Vetere) wouldn’t allow Nat to get out of the cage and threatened anyone who tried to exchange even a few words with her. In spite of the glass, bars and ugly faces, those in the courtroom shouted out and greeted her. Nat looked tired after the journey but was in good form otherwise.

“Let me out of here! I can’t stand the passivity of these people any longer as they walk by without even seeing me, catching my electromagnetic waves like bewildered automatons, eyes fixed to their smartphones that are no more than instruments to control them, anesthetize them and make them stupid, to their detriment but for the State and the multinationals’ benefit. They carry the stick and carrot of their obtuse servitude on them at all times, from the factory to a walk in the park with the dog. And it seems they don’t give a damn about being ruled by a rectangle of microchips and LCD colours. It seems they don’t give a holy shit about finding themselves like guinea pigs and puppets, stripped to the bone by a life governed, schematized, grabbed and raped by a schizophrenic power posturing as the ultimate defender of life itself, while it is a question of defending the economy and privilege, then demonstrating in deed that human life, real, free whole life, is worth less than nothing. These priggish unthinking people I see parading in the streets of Rome pass me by every day just as they let everything else pass them by.
Once they used to let themselves be killed in the workplace, in the streets, breathe all kinds of poison, close their eyes to the people who die starving and yell against the different, fearing they might lose their meagre privileges. Today you see them running from place to place looking for somewhere to get a chemical extract they know nothing about other than what they are told by whoever sold it to them, injected into their bodies. They all trust their government, prostrated and resigned to the fact that it is taking great care to protect them and make them healthy, clean and operative again.

Actforfree received email:
La situación en Ceuta es el resultado de las tensiones entre los estados español y marroquí, mostrando la auténtica cara del capitalismo y los estados como traficantes de nuestras vidas. El sistema no tiene escrúpulo alguno en edificar alambradas y checkpoints, levantar muros y cárceles para personas migrantes como los CIES, campos de refugiados regidos por dura bota militar, y todo ello rodeado de la más alta tecnología, custodiada por cuerpos policiales y, cuando se tercie, militares. Nada como la democracia para gestionar el racismo y la xenofobia. Todo ello para regular el flujo de capital humano, es decir, la población forzada a desplazarse en las rutas migratorias mundiales, fruto de las guerras, la represión y la miseria de las que los estados y
el capitalismo son directamente responsables. Sin olvidar la imperante necesidad de la clase empresaria de obtener una mano de obra barata a la que explotar.