May 18, 2021
From Idavox

What he sang could happen to you happened to him!

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – Warren Meikle, Jr., the veteran Atlantic City “Skinheads” (ACS) member who was best known for fronting the neo-Nazi bands Aggravated Assault and Chaos 88, was found dead in his Atlantic City home this week. He was 48.

Details about Meikle’s death have been scant, and while he was a longtime drug abuser there is no indication that his death was drug related and the official reason for his passing as been listed as natural causes. A number of ACS members have been talking about Meikle’s death on their Facebook pages in the past few days.

Meikle was an early member of Atlantic City “Skinheads”, who in the eighties was one of the more violent hate groups in New Jersey. In 2005, one of its associates Walter Dille, carjacked and killed a black woman as she sat outside a movie theatre in her car in Atlantic City. He is now serving a life sentence for the murder. Ten years ago, ACS founder and leader Bryan Bradley was struck and killed by lightning while working construction at what would be the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, making Meikle the default leader of the group according to observers. Bradley’s fellow union members and state senators paid tribute to him by adding his name to an Atlantic City, NJ monument to workers who lost their lives on the job, many of them not aware of his life as the leader of a hate group for 25 years. His name remains on the monument today.

Meikle was among the more prominent members of the group because of his band Aggravated Assault, who’s album It Could Happen To You – the title song that threatened harm coming to those mentioned in the lyrics – was put out by the neo-Nazi label Resistance Records in 1993. Another Nazi label, Tri-State Terror, released its second album Out on Bail as well as a split release with Blue Eyed Devils titled Hate Crimes. Later, Meikle would form another band, Chaos 88 which put out three releases. One song they wrote but did not appear on their album was specifically about One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins – who in at least one live performance of It Could Happen To You, Meikle added to the lyrics of the song.

In recent years, Meikle had married Pittsburgh tattoo artist Lettia Suchevich and moved there from Atlantic City. Neo-fascist stickers including that of his band Aggravated Assault were reported seen and taken down by antifa in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh City Paper retracted a story about female tattoo artists that featured Suchevich after it was learned the writer included a photo of the artist wearing the t-shirt of her husband’s band, and doctored the photo to remove the swastika tattoo on her arm. Meikle’s Facebook page lists him as divorced, and he eventually returned to New Jersey sometime in the fast few years. Two years ago, it was reported that Meikle was seriously injured in a two-car collision in Southampton, NJ that tied up traffic for four hours.

Several members of ACS have had died due to drug overdoses in recent years.