May 28, 2021
From The Free

Counter Information

By Jessica Buxbaum

Global Research, May 27, 2021MintPress News 20 May 2021

Major arms and aircraft manufacturers — Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon — are reaping massive profits from Israel’s assault on Gaza, and all are expected to see their earnings boom with the quarter-billion-dollar arms deal the Biden administration is trying to push through.

As diplomatic powers and regional players meet behind closed doors for ceasefire talks, Israel continues showering Gaza with missile fire. Israeli airstrikes have so far killedat least 230 Palestinians,including 65 children, and injured 1,710 others. The heavy bombardment has also wiped out entire residential buildings and houses, leaving72,000 peoplehomeless, and has destroyed media offices, schools,librariesandcharities.

According to theIsraeli Air Force(IAF), on Wednesday night Israel fired 120 missiles in the span of 25 minutes. The most recent attack hit the city of Khan…

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