May 21, 2022
From Anarchist News

Did hammer smash face before there were Automatic Teller Machines and there were only tellers? If people use cash app, are smartphones valid targets as well? Yes.

from Il Rovescio via Dark Nights

May 11–An ATM at the Intesa-San paolo bank branch on Via Rapisardi in Milan was smashed with a hammer.

This action is aimed at targeting one of the many businessmen involved in the war in Ukraine. Intesa-San paolo, the leading banking group in Italy, has 28 branches in Russia, holds 1.3 billion in assets, has issued more than 5 billion in loans to Russian companies and owns more than 50 million in government bonds. In 2017 it acquired 19 percent of the share capital of Rosneft, a Russian oil giant. In Ukraine it controls Pravex bank. It is currently undergoing a strategic review to reconcile its profits with Western sanctions.

It is necessary to sabotage the war by lashing out at homegrown capitalists and warmongers, eschewing the mobilizations of civilized pacifism.

Side by side with those who are fighting, rebelling and not giving up.

Maximum support for Alfredo Cospito, recently subjected to 41bis.

Solidarity with all anarchists and anarchists imprisoned in Italy, Chile, Greece, England, Spain, Russia, Belarus, etc.

No Peace – War on Power

Source: Il Rovescio