May 30, 2021
From The Free

With The Dying Daisy

a raven looked at me today
was that you?
or the fly that i saw today where your body laid a week and a half ago
the one i tried to shoo away and it wouldn’t budge
that reminded me of how stubborn you were too
maybe the fly was you
or maybe that parrot that just flew away from its flock was you
or maybe this breeze that i feel on my cheek is your new way of saying hi

a raven looked at me today
was that you?
(maybe i just want it all to be you)

i used to think that the concepts of life and death are so significant, so vast, and so vague
but truthfully, there was nothing vague about you being there one day and not the next-
like someone just turned a switch off
and where is the goddamn significance in life

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