May 20, 2021
From The Free

The Bristol Activist

Chants of Kill the Bill have echoed through Bristol’s streets for seven weeks now as thousands of protesters voice their opposition to the government’s proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill.

But the unity of dissent against the PCSC Bill hides a diversity of motivations, and as the weeks have worn on protesters have had to grapple with the identity of their fledgling movement.

Whilst they have done so mostly without infighting, low attendance at more recent demonstrations indicates a failure to retain the public imagination captured in March and early April.

The views and opinions of protesters have been gathered over the last eight weeks by activists on the streets documenting the protests as they unfolded.

The Bristol Activist has had exclusive access to the results of these street surveys, which show the concerns protesters have for the Kill The Bill movement, as well as what they want

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