To celebrate the new decade, the Cinema Committee happily releases these three short videos reflecting on the past year of resistance. We hope our modest efforts inspire other anarchists to create their own media, of any variety. Media is no substitute for acting in real life with others, but it’s also a vital ingredient in any struggle. In the dead time of capitalist normality, download video editing software, buy a cheap printer, stock up on paint, or make cauldrons of wheat-paste to put up posters. None of it will be a waste of time. All of it will matter. Tag the cities with rebellious phrases, flood the internet with subversive images, and paste up those words and images that inspire you.

We wish our comrades good luck for 2020. This past year cracked the future wide open, a process that will only accelerate in the coming months, and the new world in our hearts is fast approaching. Get ready.

Source: Thetransmetropolitanreview.wordpress.com