Anarchist Coordination of Latin America, for the consolidation of organized anarchism in the region and the dissemination of the proposal to other latitudes – Article from the 1st issue of the magazine Agitación, published by the Anarchist Federation Rosario of Argentina (FAR). Translation and editing by Comrade Katerina.

A few words about the Anarchist Coordination of

Latin America (CALA) Anarchist Coordination of Latin America,

the consolidation of organized anarchism in the region and the dissemination of the proposal to other latitudes In December 2019, the Anarchist Coordination of Latin America (CALA) was restarted in Uruguay. At that time, delegations from the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination (CAB), the Anarchist Federation of Uruguay (FAU) and the Federation of Anarchist Rosario (FAR) gathered to give life to a tool to link the haspistic* anarchism in the region.
It has been almost 20 years since that first experience of coordination in the late 1990s, when organisations such as the FAU itself, the Anarchist Gaúcha Federation (FAG) and Argentine organisations such as AUCA and OAR – Rosario Anarchist Organisation – met periodically to review the agenda of the Latin American struggle, against a framework of intense upgrading of neoliberalism.
We are now taking this position again, with political organisations, if you will, more integrated and focused on the need to strengthen a strategy to build and support the development of accelerated core policies locally. We understand that the political and social context that our continent is experiencing is complex, as is the rest of the world, with the accelerated emergence of a social crisis reinforced by the emergence of the pandemic. In Latin America this translates into a system of hunger and security promoted by the various governments of the region under the watchful eye of imperialism. However, a huge popular resistance is latent across the continent. This scenario requires Latin American hastening organisations to combine the criteria and characteristics of the individual regional frameworks.
On the other hand, it is necessary to meet our visions and perceptions with organizations from other parts of the world, derived from platformism, from anarchommunism and from so-called revolutionary anarchism.
In this project we have been able to join forces with organisations from the rest of Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa on specific issues such as solidarity with the people of North America in their fight against racism, with the Kurdish revolution in Rosava, as well as editing texts on the feminist struggle and the global context characterised by the pandemic.
The continuous and consistent work from 2011 until now, expressed in detail in the Days of Anarchy (Jornadas Anarquistas) that take place every two years, bringing together different organizations from the region and the world, are reflected in the political intention to link militant anarchy with popular struggles.
It is a huge task to reconstitute CALA, as an expression of this coordination of all our forces, as an expression of haspism, as a historical current with a view of anarchism. A politically organized anarchism well rooted in the Latin American people and right now. As we confirmed in this reopening document, CALA is “… an indispensable tool in this era that begins in Latin America, with peoples on the streets resisting the neoliberal model, in order to articulate our presence at these events and offer a firm and clear position of Organized Anarchism. The season that begins must find us as well organized and connected as possible in the region. That’s why we invite other organizations to open this path together… “

*S.T.M: Especifismo – a form of Latin American platform organization as redefined by FARJ. *The text is republished from here:

Αναρχικός Συντονισμός Λατινικής Αμερικής – Anarkismo