Anarchism Study Group: Science, People and Anarchism

Hello, comrades! We are back with another year of our study group! In a difficult time like the current one, we seek to continue contributing to a collective formation process. However, due to the governments’ genocidal policy in relation to the pandemic, we will continue with our sessions online until there are conditions for our face-to-face return.
We understand anarchism as an important tool of struggle in the liberation from all forms of exploitation and oppression and our group focuses on its study as an instrument that strengthens the struggle. We continue!
On March 28, we will start our Group for the Study of Anarchism in the year 2021.
Trigger text for the debate: Negationism of Covid-19 and popular health education: beyond the necropolitics – Ana Paula Massadar Morel…
Support text: Science and the people – Bakunin…/BAKUNINM.-A…