January 25, 2021
From Act For Freedom

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Yes, finally, RUMOER number three is here!
Besides the global unrest because of the pandemic, lots of things have
been going on, like after the police murder of George Floyd but we also
publish a statement about the fire on Lesbos. In this edition you can
read news from far away and nearby like usually, but also a poem, a nice
prison escape-story, and more.

The last edition appeared in the first lockdown. Then we spread RUMOER
on the street in central places in plastic packaging so they could be
easily taken and wouldn’t get wet, and we will do so again this time.
Help us out with distributing this publication in your own place by
ordering some extra zines, or print your own. Also very nice is that now
you can send us some money, if you have some to contribute. Otherwise
you’ll just get it for free of course.  Send your request to RUMOER at

Downloading is also possible: https://rumoer.noblogs.org/

For freedom and joy, against suppression and misery,
XXX and see you soon in the streets,

Source: Actforfree.nostate.net