August 10, 2021
From Takku (Finland)

In English | 10.08.2021 @ 01:28 | Katselukertoja: 25


Comrades and friends, welcome to eat at Squat Makamik on Saturday 28th August at 3 o’clock!

The end of the month is always the end of the month, but this time there’s atleast no need to be lonely or hungry! We try to make so much food that there’d be some to take with you when you leave so you could feel that Comrade-Warmth in your belly even on the days after. We have some containers for those not bringing their own. We also have postcards and stamps, stuff for writing/drawing, contact info of imprisoned comrades and guidance in their usage for prisoner support so that we could spread that Comrade-Warmth all around the world to those authority has taken from us to their cold prison cells. Now it’d be especially fitting since August 23rd to 30th is the International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners. Due to that we’ll also take a group photo and send it with a brief report to the folks who’re organizing the Solidarity Week. We’ll take the Soli-Photo at four o’clock! But you can also join us just to eat, or only to grab some food with you if communal meals aren’t your piece of cake! If you want to, you can discreetly drop some cash for expenses in the jar by the door but don’t feel obligated to do so, the aim of Comrade-Kithen isn’t to gather funds but to fill bellies! <3

Events at Makamik are substance-free so please don’t come to the Comrade’s Kitchen visibly intoxicated or consume drink or drugs there. Coffee, fägs and sugar are exceptions, you can take those if you want. Other principles of the house are:

-no authoritarian symbols (for example: swastika, hammer and sickle, finnish lion, national flags, insignia of parties or their youth departments etc.)
-don’t take photos of people without their permission
-don’t harass or touch people without permission
-no discrimination (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, ageism)
-respect other people’s physical and emotianal space
-NO MEANS NO! – believe on the first time!
-don’t presume or make generalizations (about peoples background, gender, sexuality, life situation)
-don’t comment on others body or looks
-clean up after yourself

The above mentioned principles can be found on the wall of Makamik’s living room. If you notice or face anything that feels difficult at the house you can tell us organizers and we’ll help. Also if you have sincere questions in good faith about the principles we will gladly explain and talk about them. Due to the Covid-situation we’ll probably eat on the yard outdoors, if it rains we’ll put up a tarp or something and letters can be written indoors by a few people at a time. Makamik isn’t physically very accessible, from the street there’s an unpaved flat trail to the road, the house has many doorsteps the first of which is quite high and the doors are not very wide. Regardless we want to help as much as possible with accessibility so if you need help entering the space or moving there hit us up with an email and we’ll figure out something! The main food is vegan but there might be some freegan sidedishes, if you have other allergies or food restrictions please inform us well in advance of the event.

Contacts at: toverikeittio[circle-a]riseup[dot]net <- please note the lack of ö!

Originally squatted and since legalized Squat Makamik is an antiauthoritarian social center and space for free art. Makamik’s organizing leans on anticapitalism, safer space principles and being substance-free. Makamik has a small library and a free-shop where you can bring or take clothes and other stuff for free. Makamik’s address is Jyrängöntie 1, 00560 Helsinki (openstreetmap).

More info about the International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners: