November 16, 2020
From Clean Reboot

We all heard it plenty of times, anarchy is every man for it self, this is the general main stream concept of anarchy, in fact its a misconception and it is intentional.
Intentional because it has been pushed for over a century now, this image of anarchy as something absolutely chaotic.
Its a political distortion of the word anarchy, since anarchy is what every politician in the entire political spectrum from the extreme left to the extreme right most fear, they all have to defend the state because When anarchy triumphs they will all lose their status, or any status, power and money, the stakes for all politicians in general are very high, so even if some of them know the concept very well they will always lie with they’re full set of teeth.
Unfortunately its a very easy misconception to spread because most people don’t quite understand whats anarchy and they are deliberately blocked or given a chance to fully comprehend what it is, similar to children born in prison out of convicted mothers, they have no clue of the outside world, and so they are kept. Also even the most innocent people will unknowingly carry this misconception with them, it is like brainwashing baby’s, meaning the starting point is already manipulated and then you still get indoctrinated with lies and misinformation about anarchy.
And sometimes it is hard to see ones name being dragged thru the mud, when you stand for good for everyone.
Always remember when a politician speaks or mentions anarchy it means the exact opposite of what will come out of his devious authoritarian mouth.
Anarchy is not chaos and destruction, is harmony and construction.
Anarchy stands for total freedom, politicians don’t want it and people don’t understand it.
Therefore it would be perhaps a good ground work to demystify the anarchy misconception on the street approaching normies and/or the general public.
The lie can’t go on.