June 5, 2021
From Radical Glasgow (UK)

          Glasgow folks are getting pissed off with the council, having watched them close so many amenities due to Covid are now being informed of a list of those that will not open again. Public libraries among some of those permanent closures. The well loved and much used People’s Palace Winter Gardens, now has a shadow of permanent closure hanging over this gem of a Glasgow public owned asset. As myself and others have repeated on a regular basis, that all those billions of pounds paid to keep very rich corporate business with a tidy bank balance would have to be paid back by you and I in the form of austerity. The loss of public services and amenities is just the start, there will be a whole raft of measures to pay back the financial Mafia for that load the state borrowed to keep their corporate friends happy during the pandemic. You ain’t seen nothing yet, cuts to education, NHS starved of proper funding, stricter control over benefits and cuts to social services, that will be there plan for starters. Of course we can sit back and moan to each other about hard things are, or we can get organised in our communities and work places, and take our anger and discontent on to the street. Together we can forge a new normal, a fairer society based on mutual aid and sustainability, freed from the poison that is the economy of profit and ever expanding consumption, a society that sees to the needs of all our people. That choice is up to us, don’t expect the billionaire parasite class and their minders the state to do that for us. Let your righteous anger flood the streets and change the world we live in.
       Saturday afternoon, 5th. June, saw some of those angry Glasgow citizens form up in George Square to voice their determination to fight to hold onto all our public assets, public services and amenities, join them, our wall of anger, determined solidarity and organisation can push back that tide of austerity that is coming our way. 

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Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com