January 13, 2022
From The Anarchist Library

Our struggle unites people of different worldviews: we see the world and the role of a person in it in different ways, as well as we evaluate the course of history in different ways, adhere to different philosophies and treat religion differently. However, in different ways we came to the same result. We all consider universal libertarian values, detailed below, and recognize the revolutionary struggle for their implementation as one of the most important tasks of humanity at the present stage of its existence.


Our goal is the abolition of public authorities. Instead of them we will create boards which will unite people by the place of their residence. These boards will organize meetings and during these meetings people will make decisions concerning all issues of local life and allocate working groups for their execution.

General meetings at the place of residence will also resolve issues that go beyond the area or settlement in which their participants live. In order to coordinate the interests of residents of different areas, settlements and regions, people at general assemblies will appoint delegates and supply them with instructions. The decisions of the boards will be coordinated at the delegates’ meetings, where they will exchange decisions made at general meetings and look for a solution that would suit everyone. The delegates then return to their collectives for final approval of these decisions.

Individualism and collectivism

A false understanding of individualism and collectivism, as well as the speculative opposition of a person and society, is a product and tool of a hierarchical society.

We are collectivists, because we advocate the organization of society on the principles of solidarity, mutual trust and mutual responsibility. Overcoming the alienation between people and introducing the principles of brotherhood / sisterhood into social practices is the urgent task of mankind.

At the same time, we are individualists, because we insist on the equality of all members of any team, mutual respect for each individual and his or hers personal autonomy. We stand for the possibility of a person to build their life path independently and realize the freedom of choice.

All questions relating only to a person themself will be decided by him or her individually, all issues affecting the collective — jointly, with all members of the collective.

Living space

It is very important to reorganize the living space of a person. The modern look of our habitat has been formed as a result of the centralization of the economy and administrative functions in the megalopolis — it is uncomfortable and traumatic for humans and not adapted to the harmonious existence of the human community, in addition, it is hostile to natural complexes.

An important task is the humanization of the human environment — the creation of smaller settlements, in which modern infrastructure will be combined with a creative approach to architecture and landscape organization, as well as a careful attitude to nature. The reorganization of human settlement will be facilitated by political and economic decentralization.


In the economic sphere, we intend to seek public ownership of the means of production and consumption. Instead of private property, the free use of the products of labor by all members of society will be introduced, and, at the same time, personal property will also be preserved. Distinctive feature of personal property is that it is only for personal use without making profit. The basis for production planning should be the actual requests of people expressed through orders. Monetary turnover in that case will be replaced by direct movement of product and service from manufacturer to customer. It means a rejection of all cornerstones of a capitalis market economy. It is a refusal to focus on solvent demand.

The economy of libertarian communism focuses on the needs of all groups of the population, including those that need special conditions (people with severe disabilities, the elderly, etc.), social security for everyone, the free accessibility of any kind of necessary services (education, medicine, transportation , housing and other).


The spiritual world of man will be freed from the domination of the media, popular culture, fashion and all that hinders their independent self-realization. Instead of the passive consumption of capitalist pseudo-culture, the free creative expression of each person should be affirmed.

Human and nature

We are supporters of minimizing damage to the environment from human activities. We support harmonious coexistence of society and nature. The need to humanize production and rationally overcome the centralization and specialization of labor is obvious for us.


We are supporters of internationalism, the union of the oppressed. We are opposed to nationalism and other ideologies that assert the superiority of some people over others, dividing nations and hardening them against each other.

Denying nationalism, at the same time, we believe that any person has the right to their ethnic, cultural or other identity, if she or he does not consider other human communities to be worse than their own.


We are opposed to any wars unleashed by states, regardless of the goals that the governments of these states declare. Wars benefit only the privileged strata of society; for all others, they only bear cruelty, death and destruction.

Against discrimination

We are supporters of the real provision of equal opportunities for men and women in everyday life, study, work. We stand for the joint struggle against any inequality and oppression, for the complete equality of people regardless of their age, gender, race, sexual orientation and attitude to religion.


The implementation of the project outlined above is possible through a social revolution. We understand the social revolution as the entry of revolutionary forces into direct confrontation with the system of oppression and exploitation — with the state and capital — and as we defeat them — the creation of new public institutions corresponding to libertarian principles. In all likelihood, a revolutionary confrontation will not go without a military clash, due to the desire of those in power to maintain their privileges by all means.

More important than confrontation is the creative aspect of the social revolution — the creation of a new society. We are aware that the libertarian institutions cannot be created in a single-step and directive manner. However, we set ourselves the task of introducing them into life as soon as possible. In the territories liberated from oppressors, the revolutionary forces bear the responsibility of being the main initiators and organizers of social and economic transformation.

Source: Theanarchistlibrary.org