February 24, 2020
From Antifascist Network

Another of Tommy’ s friends in court on paedophilia charges


So it turns out that Tommy Robinson’s friend and Sunderland organiser Billy Charlton is soon to be in court on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography.

In September 2019 he received a 21 month sentence for stirring up racial hatred during his campaign that was supposed to be against rape and violence towards women. Turns out he is just another nonce and strangely enough Robinson’s crew seems to have quite a number of them.

Since we first posted this online, it seems like we have seriously upset a lot of far right specimens. Responses vary from “this is all fake news” to “but what about the…”. It seems like nonces and other sex predators are bad only if they are brown. The truth is that the ranks of far-right organisations are riddled with all sorts of sex offenders. It must be something about the ideology that attracts these sort of people.

Check this list for the full unsavory details:


Source: Antifascistnetwork.org