April 29, 2022
From Radical Glasgow (UK)
       What is your answer to the astronomical energy price rises, rocketing food prices, increase taxes, increased interest rates, all of which will kick your standard of living back to the Victorian times? All managed by a group of very rich people, who in all events will not have too much to worry about regarding their standard of living. All off them pointing to the hardship and struggle the ordinary people are facing, but not one of them will suggest an end to the insane economic system that is responsible for all this misery being heaped on you and I. They are all obedient servants of the economic madness that blights the lives of millions, and is destroying the planet, capitalism.
         So what will you do, make placards, march in solemn lines appealing to our lords and master to do something to ease our plight? Will you queue longer and with patience at the nearest food bank? Will you try hard to tighten your belt and live on less, or perhaps, cut down on the kids food? Change your vote for the new Messiah? While we do this, energy companies make billions in profit to feed their over privileged shareholders. Will we stand by while large very rich corporations see their shareholders become millionaires/billionaires. Of course we know that all the above methods have been tried in the past with around about zero effect on our living standards. You may get a small concession here and a little sweetener there, mere paracetamol by the system to make you feel better, to quieten you down, but will not cure our ills, poverty, homelessness, fuel poverty, food insecurity, crumbling health service and broken education system.
        Perhaps this onslaught of hardship and poverty that is being flung our way, way be a kick to much, and we will try a different method to cure our ills. For example build up mutual aid centres in our communities, take control of our community assets and run them as we wish them to be run. Take control of our workplaces and produce for our needs, not for the profit of millionaires/billionaires. They need us, without us they are nothing, we don’t need them, we built everything, shipped everything and distributed everything. The problem is we have been doing it to the dictate of greedy self interested corporations all for their benefit while they laughed all the way to the bank at our servility.

Source: Radicalglasgowblog.blogspot.com