September 1, 2021
From Idavox

Scott Presler will still come to New Jersey to spread his filth, but not in Butler, NJ’s Church of the Nazerene like he wanted to.

BUTLER, NJ – Anti-Muslim activist Scott Presler lost another New Jersey venue, but may still come to the state that for months has been telling him he is not welcome.

Activists, political actors of various stripes and intensities, and even area seminary graduates have persuaded the Church of the Nazerene, the host site of the Butler Republican Club event to cancel the use of their facility on Wednesday that was to feature Presler in addition to Butler Mayor Ryan Martinez and other right wing figures. Reportedly, church officials recognized there was not an alignment of practical or moral values, leading to the cancellation. 

“The Scott Presler event will not take place in Butler NJ/Church of the Nazarene. The event will take place at another location in Morris County,” the Republican Club of Butler, New Jersey said in a Facebook post. “Location to be shared via email for those who have registered via Eventbrite.”

On Tuesday in a Facebook announcement, the location was announced to be the Morris County Republican Headquarters in Morris Plains. It is a much smaller venue, and that has reportedly meant scaling it down to only Presler speaking.

Two events planned for Juneteenth that were to feature Presler were canceled due to his history as a onetime associate of ACT for America, under whose banner he organized anti-Muslim rallies across the country in 2017 that neo-Nazis participated in and co-organized. Within the past week, Presler and his GOP enablers were deplatformed in the Saratoga Springs area of Wilton, NY. This resulted in extensive multi-day coverage by the Albany, NY newspaper the Times-Union. On Friday, the media analysis and watchdog organization Media Matters issued an unflattering report on Presler and his supporters.